About us



Since 1986 I.LE.S Srl designs and produces furnaces for heat treatment. The headquarters and the factory are located in Pianengo – northern Italy – and cover a floor space of more than 2.000 sqm. Many are our target sectors, such as: food processing, aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding, the home appliance industry, manufacturers of transmission equipment and components, machine shops, manufacturers of machines, plants and tools for the machining of any material, the foundry world and that of the molds, the sector of agricultural machinery, lifting and weapons.

The distinguishing feature of our plants, is their extremely high level of quality, resulting from over 40 years of experience in the field and the use of leading-edge technologies. We are constantly striving to realize a reliable and durable product, easy to use and that requires limited maintenance. For several years, our range has been enhanced with “low-energy” furnaces, which could achieve savings of up to 35%, thanks to special design features. In addition to standard models, we develop systems to customer specifications. We can also provide spare parts and technical support, also for systems not manufactured by us.